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The Great Adventure

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Yes. It's okay. You can pinch yourself. It's really happening. I can see the look on your face right now as you scan this text. Your eyes begin to water. Your heart beats faster. Then it happens.

The emotion is just too much to hold back. Jake Smith has decided to create a blog. You wonder to yourself, "How have I made it this long without his insight?" Good Question.

But it's okay now. I'm here to guide you through the 2021 hellscape we inhabit. And we're in it together, friend. It's called The Buddy Bulletin for a reason.

We all need a friend in 2021. And I created the Buddy Bulletin for all the buddies, pals, and occasional degenerates to gather and share nuanced ideas and thoughts for the viewing of the general public. We're all together on this great adventure, so join up. Pack a bag. Leave your pride at the door. And let's all leave the station on the one way express to anywhere but this current timeline.

What exactly is a buddy you ask? I have some traits that I'm searching for in my fellow pals.

  1. A pulse

  2. IQ greater than your shoe size

Did you qualify? I hope you did. And if not, sorry Godzilla and/or the undead. I'll have to make a club specifically for you.

I can promise we're going to be inclusive here. Inclusively thoughtful. Inclusively genius. Inclusively bad-ass.

Nothing is off limits at The Buddy Bulletin. My vision is that one day this BRAND is known for its willingness to tackle the toughest topics at hand. And do it with kindness, spitefulness, thoughtfulness, sarcasm, and with the help of Ouija boards and the supernatural to help us solve our modern crises.

If you're reading this right now. What's holding you back from joining? Pride? Envy? Illiteracy? You hated me in high school? Let it go friend. Let the burden off your shoulders and come join a collective of individuals committed to surviving post-modern industrial society together. Even if you hated me and my sick 1995 Grand Prix in high school, I'll welcome you with open arms, and we can jump in that sweet ride and speed into the sunset. Or spin-out on I-79. Your choice.

I hope that as we spend our years together here, grow old, share opinions, occasionally insult and belittle a fellow buddy for a naïve take, that we are in it together. Take a look outside. What the world needs is a non-decisive, sincere, uniting look at the topics that we can all agree on. Sports, politics, movies, the Middle East, the issues with meatloaf and why I refuse to eat it, everything is up for debate. If there's one thing I can promise you from The Buddy Bulletin, it's that all opinions are equal and heard. Equally open to irrational criticism.

You want to write for the Buddy Bulletin? As long as you can communicate in cohesive English or cohesive cave painting, let me know!

I'm looking forward to spending more time together. I have a feeling that we're gonna have a real splendid time.

Jake Smith is an engineer, son, athlete, scholar, corn chip connoisseur, lover, and "a stand up cat". You can reach him

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