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Lists: Fewer Words, Tremendous Results

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Everyone knows the rules. If you want to inflame public opinion, just make a numbered, in order list of things that you enjoy (or don't) and let the masses flock to tell you how wrong you are. Allow me to demonstrate

As follows are, 1 being the most minor and 1 being the most major, are inconveniences.

  1. Dead Phone

  2. Too many jalapenos on a sub

  3. Income tax

  4. Children

  5. Chicken left in trashcan for weeks in the Summer

  6. Hungry Significant Other

  7. Losing the remote during Bad Boys for Life

  8. Locking yourself out of the house

  9. Unfinished lists

Jake Smith is an engineer, son, athlete, scholar, corn chip connoisseur, lover, and "a stand up cat". You can reach him

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